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South Eastern Sydney Partners in Recovery (SES PIR) aims to promote a community based recovery model to underpin all clinical and community support services delivered to people experiencing severe and persistent mental illness with complex needs, comorbidities and/or comorbid substance use. Partners in Recovery is targeting 24,000 people across Australia, however by improving system coordination, it is envisaged that this improvement will have a flow on impact for a larger number of individuals. By developing a shared vision of a system that offers recovery orientated, holistic and personalised support for all individuals, Partners in Recovery aims to connect communities at all levels.

South Eastern Sydney Medicare Local is the lead agency for Partners In Recovery in the St George and Sutherland local government area and is delivered in partnership with a range of non-government organisations. Neami National, The Benevolent Society and St George Migrant Resource Centre are currently delivering the program across the community, with a fourth agency, Aftercare, joining us in 2015.

Partners In Recovery staff called Support Facilitators, will work with people to identify what is important to them in relation to their personal recovery. They will then link people to the services and supports in the community to meet their needs. Support Facilitators work to ensure supports are working together to meet a person’s needs and also build partnerships in the local area to improve access services and referral pathways.

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Meet Debbie
PIR Consumer Meet Debbie

"I'm focusing and a lot of things have been put in place for me to look forward to and for me to do. I focus on what I can do and what I can accomplish. My depression has improved a lot."

Meet Gavin
PIR consumer Meet Gavin

"Participating in PIR has changed my life because I am having people take notice of me, and what my needs are. Being able to succeed in what I want to do is important. Since PIR has come along, I am actually succeeding in what I want to do."

Meet Trudi
PIR Consumer Meet Trudi

"I have people I can contact and people available to me that I didn’t know existed. I always thought there were only one or two services out there that could help me but Matthew (my Support Facilitator) gave me a whole list."

Working With PIR
Sutherland Shire Community Services Working With PIR

"When working with consumers who are homeless and suffering with mental ill-health it is so important to have a flexible approach in order best meet their needs. We are very appreciative of PIR staff coming to our Tuesday breakfast program each week where they have become very well known to our consumers who are often happy to now self-refer and address problems with PIR before it becomes a huge issue."

In partnership with: Central and Eastern Sydney PHN After Care Benevolent Society Neami National